Valentin Gillet About
Virtual reality sculpting


Catabase refers to the epic myths of descent into the underworld as a rite of passage, it is a introspective metaphor for the descent into the self, a speleological exploration of the unconscious. Conceived as a first-person video, the active and performative role of the artist in a digital work is also addressed. The digital sculpture is not the piece itself, it is the artist's experience in this virtual universe that constitutes the piece. The cave does not represent a Platonic mirage but a mental cathedral made up of thousands of arches and pillars that take on the appearance of stalactites and stalagmites. These geological formations become mineral metaphors for the process of the individuation process described by Gilbert Simondon in L'individuation à la lumière des notions de forme et d'information; One can imagine that each drop of calcareous water required for the formation of these forms are our repeated interactions with the outside world, and that the resulting forms of these are our individualities.

Performed as a live sculpting session for the digital exhibition Worldbuilding curated by Filip Setmanuk for the Madrid-based art platform Photential.
Sound desing created by Pierre Rousseau.